For reverie and wonder: Nature images suggestive of a sacred area

These images are taken from a particularly beautiful place in Nature. Let the images speak for themselves. They are all photographed by the author of The Realm of The Mongols. For the technically minded, in the group of images called set 1 the camera used was a Nikon FM2 with 50 mm Nikkor manual focusing lens. A negative film was used: Fujicolor Superia 200. For your convenience, all images in set 1 are provided in one smaller version and one larger at 850 pixels across the horizontal. In set 2, images are generally 800 pixels across the horizontal, a good compromise which will be suitable for display on most screens. A Canon D60 digital SLR camera as well as the aforementioned Nikon FM2 with several types of film were the tools.

Important: Under no circumstances have zoom lenses been used for making any of these pictures. This is a matter of principle with this photographer.

No names or location will be given, but it is felt that the nature depicted in these images embodies the exceedingly lofty Mongolian ideals of natural beauty. It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy the images presented here.

Set 1

Smaller images at 600 pixels

Larger images at 850 pixels

Set 2

Here, most images are 800 pixels wide.

About essence:

A most distinctive image

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