For reverie and wonder: Nature images suggestive of a sacred area

No names or location will be given, but it is felt that the nature depicted in these images embodies the exceedingly lofty Mongolian ideals of natural beauty.

Night images

Autumn Night 1

Autumn Night 2

Autumn Night 3

Autumn Night 4

Holy Mushroom 1

Holy Mushroom 2

Holy Mushroom 3

Holy Mushroom 4

Holy Mushroom 5

Something You May Not Understand

Daylight images

Female mallard

Holy birches


Rippled surface on Holy Lake

Quiet surface on Holy Lake

Quiet surface, closer

A Very Small and Slow Carnivore

Between the bushes

Still surface stretching out

Summer view across the lake

Reflection from Tenggri

Holy Birches II

Harmonious Lake

Sacred spot

Close Greeting


Holy Brook at Summer

Sunny evening in North-west

The Rays from Above

Blue Water as nowhere else

Koeke Moengke Tenggri presents himself

Entering the Wintery Portal

Walking the Holy Wintery Path

The Essential Picture:

Enjoy it in five sizes:

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5

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